Water Positive

Water Positive

Water Positive is a pioneering concept that transcends the mere conservation of water resources, empowering entities such as corporations, communities, and individuals to become active stewards of sustainable water management and restoration. This transformative approach involves the strategic implementation of innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies designed to minimize water consumption, enhance water quality, and bolster water availability. By embracing the Water Positive philosophy, organizations and individuals alike can leave an indelible, beneficial impact on water ecosystems, ensuring that the volume of water conserved and restored surpasses the amount used or depleted. This proactive stance not only addresses the pressing challenges of water scarcity and degradation but also paves the way for a more resilient and sustainable future, where the responsible management of water resources becomes a shared priority for all stakeholders.

Latest news

Webinar: Water Positive within the Framework of the Race to Resilience

On March 7, 2024, Global Compact Chile and the Water Positive Think Tank organized a webinar titled ” Water Positive in the context of the Race towards Resilience.” The event focused on promoting progress towards SDG 6 and its connections with other SDGs, focusing on water resilience in the context of the Water Resilience Coalition.

How Microsoft plans to become water positive by 2030

Microsoft will be water positive by 2030. As chief environmental officer Lucas Joppa explains, this means we will lessen our water use intensity and replenish more water than we’re using. We will also work with nonprofits to provide 1.5 million people in areas with the most need access to freshwater.

Malaga-based startup Agrow Analytics has raised €650,000 in a new round of financing led by GoHub Ventures, Demium Capital and First Drop

The Malaga-based startup Agrow Analytics, dedicated to the automation and application of new technologies to optimize agricultural irrigation, has raised €650,000 in a new round of financing led by GoHub Ventures, Demium Capital and First Drop. This injection will allow the company to consolidate its precision technology focused on optimizing water use and reducing the water footprint in agriculture.

Heineken Sustainability Director Discusses Water Stewardship on UN Global Compact Podcast

The United Nations Global Compact has just launched a new podcast, Moving Business Forward Faster. Sonia Thimmiah, the Sustainability Director at Heineken, was the guest invited to the inaugural episode. She joined Adam Roy Gordon, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network USA, for a conversation on sustainable business practices.

Water, source of life, mirror of our commitment to sustainability, and a shared treasure that connects all of humanity